About S&S

This site is about a myriad of things that I've encountered and become very familiar with over the years.  Sticks and Stones is here to provide a different opinion than that found in most mainstream outlets in order to advance a discussion vs. create instant solutions.
  • United States history and politics
    • Constitutional topics
    • Social causes and societal action
    • Moral vs. ethical behaviors
    •  News and editorials
  • Technology in society and business
  • Sports - creation and evolution
  • Local and National and Global impact

As with many people, I've noticed a great change over my lifetime in how the United States acts as a society, and how its citizens treat one another.  I've spoken about it in many a venue online, but wanted to save and convey some of the thoughts I've shared with a few people so as to frame my context. Sticks and Stones is predominantly outlined in my initial post and grows and evolves from there.

I leave space for comments on all.  I hope you'll join in some conversation.  Welcome, God bless, and enjoy!

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